2009 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series
Female Scoring

Races of the IRA road race series, 2009
1Starting Block 10KFebruary 15
2Lakeside 5KMarch 8
3Spring Run Off 10KMarch 15
4Oliver 10KApril 2
5Blossom 10 MilerMay 10
6Blackwell Dairy 15KMay 24
7Midsummer 8KJuly 5
8Grizzly 12KJuly 19
9Summerland Centennial HalfAugust 2
10Raven Run 10KAugust 16
11Bike Barn 10KSeptember 13
12Peak to Beak 18KSeptember 20


Final scoring

Competitors must complete five races to qualify for series awards and rankings. A maximum of seven races are counted towards a runner's point totals. Race directors (denoted as RD) receive twenty points for their race. Please contact results@interiorrunningassociation.com if there are any errors. Ties have not been resolved.

Final female scoring road race series, 2009
Age CatName123456789101112Total# scoredAvg Pts/Race
F 20-29GENEVIEVE DUNBAR3022302522129525.8
F 35-39MANDY SELLARS30302530303030205729.3
TAMMY CRAIG22252522251930222525177724.0
ROBIN LEVANT19252022302522163723.3
F 40-44ANDREA REICHL302525303025165627.5
DARLENE WOOD182014142220201715132717.8
F 45-49SALLY HEINRICK25303030303030205729.3
JANICE MCQUILKIN20302520252217159722.7
REGINA BLACKWELL132018141916100616.7
LISA SPALDING181919172093518.6
KATHY LEAHY172019201692518.4
SHERRY MALIGASPE14101818131790615.0
GAYLE WILSON111716181577515.4
F 50-54CINDY RHODES30303030303030210730.0
LYNDA PROCE2530302522222230184725.8
GWEN MEADS2525251922202225164722.9
LINDA IRVINE2225253025127525.4
BARB VAN HOOF16221815161920126718.0
DONNA MAZURKEWICH2217222019100520.0
F 55-59LAURELEE WELDER30303030303030210730.0
JOANNE MONTGOMERY25252525302530185726.4
ASTRID VARGA20252222302522166723.7
CHARLOTTE HEIDT2219222019192230154721.6
LINDA CONRAD161618151219141920221822138717.6
SANDY WIKE202017202525127621.2
SUSAN TEMPLIN181918172230124620.7
F 60-64JILL DEVENISH2530303030303030210729.4
PATRICIA RIEGEL3022251920252230174724.1
LINDA WOODBURY22221719222522149721.3
F 65-69KATHLEEN YANKE302530253030303030210728.9
KAREN WILLIES2522252025117523.4
F 70-74AGNES HANSEL3030303030150530.0

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Age graded scoring

These are the 2009 final age category scoring results.

A maximum of seven races (minimum of five required to score) are counted towards a runner's point totals. Runners with more than seven races have their lowest scoring extra races discarded. (Shown in gray).

Final age-graded female scoring road race series, 2009
NameAge Cat12345678910111213Total# of races scored
CINDY RHODESF 50-5420020020020020020020014007
LAURELEE WELDERF 55-5919520020020019519520013857
JOANNE MONTGOMERYF 55-5919219518919019218419513377
JILL DEVENISHF 60-6418318918718718819219020013337
LYNDA PROCEF 50-5419019218518619018818619213247
MANDY SELLARSF 35-3918819018219018918218813097
SALLY HEINRICKF 45-4918518318518518719018913047
ASTRID VARGAF 55-5918218518018918619218412987
PATRICIA RIEGELF 60-6418718218817917918418518712927
KATHLEEN YANKEF 65-6917718418617217017818216818712667
GWEN MEADSF 50-5417718718117517717517618312567
CHARLOTTE HEIDTF 55-5917617118317317017117918512387
TAMMY CRAIGF 35-3916515518117016717317518117917412337
JANICE MCQUILKINF 45-4917818118415617217416912147
ROBIN LEVANTF 35-3914617317817618317917012057
LINDA WOODBURYF 60-6416317616315717118017411847
BARB VAN HOOFF 50-5415816915215816617117011447
LINDA CONRADF 55-5914715115613710915314816115116315415010897
SUSAN TEMPLINF 55-5917617417717918418110716
ANDREA REICHLF 40-4416716417118518018010476
SANDY WIKEF 55-5916917816217618317910476
DARLENE WOODF 40-4412612511111015516216014215210227
REGINA BLACKF 45-491541701441661671649656
LINDA IRVINEF 50-541831951892001909575
GENEVIEVE DUNBARF 20-291801761821881839095
KAREN WILLIESF 65-691721741801651728635
SHERRY MALIGASPEF 45-49131981421561501588356
DONNA MAZURKEWICHF 50-541791371661691758265
AGNES HANSELF 70-741571471551681687955
LISA SPALDINGF 45-491571541451601717875
KATHY LEAHYF 45-491621561441541627785
GAYLE WILSONF 45-491351401271301556875

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